Learning outcome reflections

Choose TWO learning outcomes that you think you’ve demonstrated skill or mastery in.

The learning outcomes are listed in more detail on your syllabus, so please review that document before starting your reflection.

  • Rhetorical concepts involve understanding key reading and composing concepts.
  • Processes involve reading and composing as recursive processes that vary among individuals, genres, and contexts.
  • Conventions involve the expectations of form, language, and format that are shaped by discourse communities, genres, and composers.
  • Research involves collecting and analyzing data and engaging with prior knowledge on a subject in order to make new meaning.
  • Metacognition involves the ability to reflect on rhetorical choices and composing and reading processes.

Once you have selected the two learning outcomes you want to write about, review your assignments from the quarter to identify examples of these outcomes being demonstrated in your work. 

Here is an example from a former student:

I recall in the first few weeks, I was intimidated by the use of the term ‘rhetoric,’ since I originally had no clue what it meant. After researching it through readings as well as my own personal studies, I learned that rhetoric is simply the way that writers spoke in their pieces, and how they can effectively use different methods and techniques to further detail their writing. The techniques that rhetoric encompasses coalesce to help the audience better understand what they are reading, and I believe I was able to show my understanding of rhetorical concepts through most of my writing this quarter. For example, in many of my papers, I try to use a casual or warm voice to talk to the audience, as if I’m talking to someone in a real conversation. I do this because it better engages the audience and deters them from boredom, which is the last thing I want my audience to feel when reading my writing. It also helps that many of the assignments given to me in UWP 1 did not require an academic voice, but rather encouraged creativity and self-exploration. In Week 3, I was able to demonstrate rhetoric through my Kitchen Talk, where I injected quotes from my dad as well as my own personal thoughts through the use of parentheses. I knew that doing this would allow my audience to better understand my own personal feelings in regards to the writing, as well as better immerse them in my childhood experience.

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