Literature review for a type of aesthetic modification

This is a paper that focuses on a literature review for a type of aesthetic modification. The paper also requires reviews and summarizes of research findings.

Literature review for a type of aesthetic modification

What is it?
A literature review examines and critically evaluates the most relevant and recent scholarly research on a particular topic.

How do I write it?
You are to choose a specific type of aesthetic modification (e.g. breast augmentation, liposuction, etc.) and review the existing literature for that topic.
The literature review should be as comprehensive as possible and should distinguish clearly between key academic journals and what might be more correctly classified as industry or professional publications.
You should also draw conclusions about the extent and number of articles in both academic and industry journals or publications. How much research has been performed so far? Where has it mainly been published? What is lacking?

Literature review for a type of aesthetic modification

When reviewing literature, you need to summarise the research findings so far, compare and contrast them, and evaluate the quality of the research by identifying the strengths and also weaknesses. Use these questions as a guide:
Firstly, what was the purpose of each study?
What methods were used to carry out the research?
Also, what were the main findings of each study?
What conclusions did the researchers come to? Do they agree or disagree with each other?
What were the strengths of these findings? Also, what makes them important and valuable?
What were the limitations (weaknesses) of the studies?
The purposes of a literature review are to

a) evaluate the quality of the research that has been carried out to date and

b) identify gaps in the research – what still needs to be investigated (in more detail?)

At this level, try not to simply describe. You need to evaluate. For example, it is not enough to merely explain the possible complications of the procedure. You need to also tell us why something is positive or negative, based on what it can lead to. To be more analytical and critical, each time you make a point, ask yourself: Why is this important? What does this lead to?

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