1. Calculate the chargeable weights and freight charges for both alternatives. (5 marks)

Target Completion

  1. Conduct a CREEEPSS risk analysis for conducting such a delivery to Mik’ele, Tigray. Use this criteria and the above freight costs to recommend a complete route into Mik’ele (3 marks)

Target Completion

  1. Find the most appropriate mode(s) and routes for the final delivery (from Cairo or Addis Ababa) to the hospital in Mik’ele. Outline the finalized complete route on appropriate maps (door to door). (3 marks)
    Target Completion

  1. Recommend the Incoterms®for Apotex to use in this case, given the available information on your customer. Completely justify your decision. (3 marks)
    Target Completion

  1. Outline the role the freight forwarder will play in the transaction and outline all the necessary shipping documentation. (3 marks)

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