Macro Analysis Presentation

Assignment Instructions

To complete this assignment, design a narrated PowerPoint presentation based on your revised Macro Analysis Paper in Unit 3. In your presentation:

  • Describe the selected problem and the necessity of researching the problem (for example, why it is important to address this problem).
  • Summarize your peer-reviewed research on the topic.
    • Remember to provide APA citations on either the slide or in the notes of the presentation.
  • Present any theory or models identified in your Unit 3 paper.
    • Incorporate the foundations of current research, generalist social work practice skills, client advocacy skills, and additional macro social work resources into the presentation as well.
  • Present your integration of best practice strategies and skills into a holistic plan to address the problem.
    • Explain your reasoning using details and peer-reviewed literature.

In addition to synthesizing your Unit 3 paper, you also need to do the following in your presentation:

  • Analyze the sustainability of the proposed strategies, considering the available resources.
    • How will these strategies endure over a long period of time?
    • What are the long-term impacts on the macro practice?
    • Would you need to seek additional resources, and if so, how would you procure them?
  • Describe how implementing these strategies will improve the quality of social work services to address the identified issue.
    • What might occur if there is no intervention?
    • What is likely to change with your identified best practice intervention?

Note: Remember to be as detailed as possible in developing your argument and ideas. Also, include relevant, peer-reviewed APA citations to support your analysis throughout the presentation.

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