‘-Analyze the key management skills which you believe are the most important for a successful hospitality and tourism manager to possess. Provide specific examples to support your response.
-Analyze the trends in leadership and management to determine which ones will have the most influence on the HTM industry in the next 5-10 years. Explain your rationale.
Looking at the management skills in chapter 14 and having to choose which is most important was hard because they all are important and needed to be a successful manager.  However, I choose loyalty and enthusiasm. Loyalty is first to yourself, and then to your position.  If you are loyal to yourself you will safeguard that which you are assigned to do.  Loyalty means that you can be trusted to ensure inventory is done correctly, the checks and balances are done correctly.  You will not allow employees to ride the clock or take your profits out the back door, nor would you. In other words you would treat the business as your own.  Enthusiasm, you have to have a passion for the position that you are in especially in the hospitality arena.  You have to deal with people and issues from all directions.  Your enthusiasm will rub off on your employees, and can be seen and felt by your bosses and customers. You cannot operate a business successfully if you come in dragging looking like you really don’t want to be there. It will reflect in your work.
In the next 5 – 10 years I believe the trend in leadership and management that will have the most influence is up front face to face customer service.  I believe we need to zoom ahead but, at the same time we need to go back to the way when people received service with a smile.  Computerization has taken the place of that friendly smile.  Management has taken a more back seat as far as dealing with customers since most things can be done with the smart phones.  Working in retail and the food service industry I always hear customers say “can I talk to someone” they want that intimate relationship that computerization 

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