Management in Health Care

A formal paper that requires scholarly research.

For the term paper you will be putting all your knowledge that you have learned this semester about management in health together in a paper. The Theme of the paper is – you have just been promoted to Manager, how can I change the culture? You will discuss your current weakness and strengths and how you can improve and solves the issues. 

As followed- Your Hospital
Weaknesses: High turnover in employees, 3 open positions for the heart team, 2 back injuries in the last 6 months in orthopedics, 2 patients fell off the table in the last 6 months in the GYN service, low morale as reported in the exit interview of previous manager, and complaints by physicians of shortages of supplies for their cases.

Strengths: Core group of nurses, first assistants, anesthetists, and technologists who have the support of the physicians due to their competency in the OR,  excellent equipment and room setups for the 16 OR’s in use, computerized block scheduling which all physicians are happy with.

Opportunities:  New surgeon for the CV department is due in next month.

Threats:  The other hospital in town just opened a NICU unit for their OB/GYN Dept.

You paper will need to be 5-7 pages long, not including you cover page or references. Must Cite at least 5 resources.

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