Managing of complex and interesting projects using project management

This is a paper that focuses on the managing of complex and interesting projects using project management. The paper also provides the requirements and guidelines to follow in the paper.

Managing of complex and interesting projects using project management


This assignment focuses on the concept of Project Management when managing complex and interesting projects.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the assignment you should be able to;
Firstly, research a topic and critically appraise the content of associated documents and papers in order to ascertain their validity and contribution to the subject area

Secondly, correctly use the Harvard recognised academic referencing system and use citation where appropriate

Thirdly, develop written skills required for an MSc level assignment

Lastly, use project management software to plan a complex project

The third busiest railway station in Scotland, Glasgow Queen Street, is being expanded to form a larger facility with superior services for growing passenger numbers. The station redevelopment will be part of the £742m Edinburgh – Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP). The station currently handles approximately 20 million passengers a year, and this is estimated to grow to 28 million by 2030. Use the following link as the starting point for a discussion relating to the “Queen Street Redevelopment Project, Glasgow”:

You should critically analyse the importance of project planning / scheduling for this project. Working individually, you are to write a report (using headings and subheadings) as set out in the task above. You are to further research the subject and all of the work must be fully reference and all sources of information must be correctly identified and cited within the text. Use the Harvard System of referencing. Academic neglect to reference your work correctly will lead to a poor mark and possible failure of this assignment.

The paper should contain a cover page and a reference page. Additionally, ensure that you include at least four references from the sources that you will use.

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