Managment Information Systems. W1 P2.

Please read the instructions carefully (“Directions for this Essay,” “Opinion,” and “Guidelines” sections). Do not bid on this order unless you are absolutely sure you can deliver exceptional work.

Directions for this Essay:
-Read the opinion given below regarding Globalization Effects in Management Information Systems (MIS).
-After reading the opinion, respond to the following questions in a one-page essay:

1)      Do you agree with the opinion given below? Why or why not?

2)      What else would you add to that opinion to make it more complete?


How has Globalization led to changes in Management Information Systems (MIS)?
I believe that globalization and management information systems go hand in hand. We were not able to see how Globalization has occurred without great information systems being developed. Every single aspect of Globalization needs to be part of a MIS. These systems going to basics made up of components, computer networks, client networks, shipping, paying, etc. The developments in this MIS have facilitated the growth of Globalization as they improve the flow of information inside each organization and around the world. In my job of importing produce from different parts of the world, I can see the perfect example, accounting systems, bill of ladings, payments, quality control, etc.


Information Technology is transforming every aspect of the business worldwide. It helps Business/ Political leaders to make better, quicker, and smarter decisions that respond to the rapidly changing customer requirements, improve business efficiency, and increase profits. Analytics and BI have an impact on businesses in every industry. Introducing significant opportunities. Digital technologies are changing how customers interact with these businesses and opening new business models. Companies are also leveraging the power of technology by using AI and RPA to improve human potential

increased focus on innovation, Improve creativity and strategic thinking


-Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.
-Use APA format.
-Please be sure to back up your answers and put together complete and well-thought-out responses.

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