Maslow Analysis for Management Class

Please read the attached Guidelines and Grade Rubric carefully

You can find the allocation of the pages in the guidelines.

The topic for this analysis is like work-life balance, you will know as you go through the guidelines

The below is the definition for Maslow: * You can also research by yourself
  1. Basic: Day to day survival (food, water, place to sleep, paycheck)
  2. Security needs: {Economical, Psychological, Physical security}

Economical: Having stable income, retirement account, health care.

Physical: workplace accidents, living with nice neighborhood

Psychological: maintain the quality of life

3.  Social: money can allow you to access certain social groups. (Buy a house to move nice neighborhood, buy a membership for a particular health club. Donate allows you to go to a special event.


4. Esteem: Social recognition, power, campus club organization, the title of the power. How do you like yourself?

5. Self Actualization: Self-actualization is the final stage in the linear growth of an individual. Maslow believed that to achieve this state of personal fulfillment. The person must first satisfy the preceding needs (i.e. physiological, safety, love/belonging, and esteem, in that order).

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