Mexican Quiz

View attached youtube short clips and answer the following questions:
Match the following phrases:
_ Arrives in U.S. as safe place to plot revolution.
_becomes journalist in New York
_moves to Florida
_orders to rebel
_letter to people before he died
A. Spain herded people into concentration camps.
B. Cigar workers become heart and soul of the revolution.
C. Smuggled into Cuba in a cigar.
D. Exiled from Cuba
E. Sinking of the Maine is used as pretext for U. S. going to war with Spain.
F. Warned revolution of U.S. interference
G. Racism transformed him realizing U.s. is not ideal.
Match the items:
– U.S. population sympathetic to Cuban independence
– U.S. committed to Cuban indepence
– Puerto Rico is an accidental inheritance from the war.
– U.S. views Filipinos as savages, like Native Americans.
A. revolutionaries are black or afromestizo
B. They are citizens traveling freely but without rights
C. Womens Christian Temperence Union alarmed that pure Innocnet American boys come home sick. diseased from prostitutions and harmed by brutality of enemy.
D. Optimize the power and profit of American Capitalism in the world.
E. Platt Amendment allows for U.S. intervention
F. The U.S. must support corporate goals through war and occupation.
Question 3:
When the US became an imperialist nation in the 1890s, meaning it occupied lands owned by other nations/peoples, historians debate over foreign policy’s break from past expansion policy or was it following something new. Plus, the U.S. created “war” as a means to intervene in other countrys affairs and quite internal dissent. Match the following:
_ War is based on manifest destiny
_War is based on crisis capitalism
_War is based on continental expansion, Native Removal and conquest Mexican territory
_ War is based on Social Darwinism
_War is needed to distract from dissent (Populist Revolt)
A. Break from past policy
B. Continuation of past policy
Question 4:
Match entry to Covert or Over actions
_Investment Guarantee Treaty
_Foster disruption
_Cutoff foreing aid
_Create internal subversion
Assasinate foreign leader
_Manipulate lending policies
_Direct military intervention
_Censureship of news
_ Use war to quiet internal dissent
_need pretext for war
A. Covert
B. overt
Question 5:
Which of the following is not part of the US economic expansion and foreign policy?
– Human rights
-Social Darwinism
– Chrisitian Spirituality

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