This project will have you apply your learning to current trends and changes in the market, and to achieve this goal you will apply microeconomics concepts to news articles of your own choosing. Requirement: You are required to choose a microeconomics topic that interests you (it could be a particular consumer trend like the explosion of demand for IPADS, the rising costs of oil products and how they impact demand, or the supply of healthcare services, etc…). You will find articles throughout the term – 3 in total, that relate to your chosen topic. Review each of these articles for their meaning and relatedness to the chosen concept(s) from the textbook. Make sure these articles relate to microeconomics – the firm and individual level, rather than macroeconomics at a national or global level. Due Dates: Both article reviews will be required by the last day of regular class. This project constitutes 20% of your final mark, so take it seriously! Please follow the following guidelines:  Use different sources of media for your information. Use google news or particular websites of interest to find appropriate articles. The more you review, the more you will see how the social science of microeconomics effects everything that we do in our daily lives. Newspapers, media clips, magazines, journals are acceptable. However, you may not use resources from other textbooks.  Clearly state which concept(s) you are attempting to apply, and from which chapter. Always work with the chapters you have already covered, it does not make sense for you to cover concepts from chapter 9 if you are only on chapter 3.  You must include in your compilation, copies of all of the materials that you used for your review. For example, if you use a newspaper article, a copy of said article would be required with your final submission.  The review must be typed, using appropriate sized font (12 point is acceptable). The article review should be 3-5 pages in length, double spaced, with 3 being the minimum and 5 being the maximum allowed. Late submissions will not be accepted.  The review should begin with a summation of each article, demonstrating an understanding of the key microeconomic forces at play. From there, the review should focus on analyzing the article material using the information from your textbook. You should draw opinions and conclusions which clearly demonstrating that the concept(s) chosen within the textbook are in fact at work in the content of each of the articles. .You will be marked on the following: o Key microeconomic concepts of each article summarized in your own words o Key microeconomics concepts of each article are related to the appropriate concepts within the textbook, and at the same level of detail and analysis as shown in the text. o Facts in articles used to demonstrate appropriate usage.

MUST be done with the use of my textbook (parkin bade) microeconomics canada in the global environment 10th edition

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