Modernist Poetry (Strong Creative)

(the page/word count for poem doesn’t matter – prefer at least a page)

3 small part of the assignment:

First. Write poem
Compose two poems (or say 2 versions of the same poem): a ‘non-modernist’ traditional form poem and a ‘modernist’ revision of the same poem. Choose at least 1-2 poems to use as a genre model for writing your own version of modernist poetry

– 1 traditional form = fitting to a traditional form without having modernist features/techniques uses
– 1 very modernist poem = strongly in modernist mode with modernist features/techniques uses You’re (kinda) imitating so you’re working closely with a specific model or two of your choosing of the genre and look at different aspect of form, potentially different words, novel phrases would be like; specific words or kind of diction usually use
Second. Reflective introduction
Provide a reflective introduction (max 2 pages), perhaps conveyed some of what speaks to you in your historial moment from your genre model or modernism more largely
Third. Craft Memo
In Craft Memo (min 1.5 pages), you need to: 1) tell me what specific poem or two poems you used as a genre model for your modernist poem and clearly identify, through direct quotation or reference, several specific formal features that seem modernist; 2) tell me how you implemented these same formal features in your own poem, also using direct quotation or reference (further discussion of the effect these formal moves had on your poem and subject matter would be ideal)

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