Module 3: Psychopharmacology & Anxiety Disorders

Module 3: Psychopharmacology & Anxiety Disorders

Psychotropic Medications PowerPoint Presentation

Create a PowerPoint Type presentation that reviews clonazepam, which is a psychotropic medication. Create an educational PowerPoint on clonazepam.

The presentation must be minimum of 8 slides, including both a title and reference slide. The contents of the presentation should describe the disease process requiring the medications, pharmacokinetics, normal prescription, benefits, nursing interventions/monitoring needs, risk factors, and a teaching plan for patients. Speaker notes must also be included per slide

Organize your presentation as follows:

  1. Title (1 slide)
  2. Introduction (1 slide)
  3. Discuss the category of medications and signs and symptoms of the client receiving the medication. (1 slides)
  4. Typical Prescription: route, dose, and frequency. If it comes in different forms explain why one would be used over another. (1 slide)
  5. Pharmacokinetics- As it is relevant for nurses to know describe how the medication is absorbed, how it is distributed in the body, the metabolism of the medication and how the body excretes it. (2 slides)
  6. Nursing Monitoring and Required Interventions. (2 slides)
  7. What are risk factors/side effects of taking medication? (1 slides)
  8. Create a teaching plan including dietary or other restrictions. When/how to stop treatment, when to seek immediate medical attention or when to follow up with provider. (2 slides).
  9. Conclusion (1 slide)
  10. References (1 Slide)

Assignment Expectations:

Length: The PowerPoint should be minimum of 13-16 slides, which includes title, and reference slide. Each slide should follow the 6×6 rule (6 bullet points no longer than 6 words).

Speaker notes are the narrative of the presentation. They should accompany each slide (except title and reference slide) and be a minimum of 75 words per each slide.

Presentation: Add any pictures, graphs, videos, etc. to enhance your presentation. Be sure to provide citations for multimedia pieces

Structure: Include a title slide and reference slide in APA format.

References Use the appropriate APA style for in-text citations in the speaker’s notes and for the reference slide. Include at least three (3) scholarly citations to support your claims.

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