Multicultural Case Study

Multicultural Case Study


  • A       very brief summation of the cultural conflicts involved in the case.
  1. Cultural      Differences slides: On the table provided in the template, list side by      side the main cultural identities from the Hays model, relevant to the      conflict in the case, of yourself and another person, agency, or      institution in the case.
    • If       more than one person, agency, or institution is involved in the case,       make a copy of this slide for each one, to compare yourself to all others       involved.
    • In       the notes section:
      • Identify        common concerns with each cultural identity. Be careful to avoid using        stereotypes.
      • Analyze        how cultural differences contributed to the conflict in this case.
      • Identify        two relevant biases you have or had, and at least one strategy for        improving your cultural competency around each of those biases.
  2. Relevant      Biases: Identify two relevant biases you have or had, and at least      one strategy for improving your cultural competency around each of those      biases.
  3. Best      Practices When Working With [Cultural Identity] slides: Identify a best      practice for working with a cultural identity in this case and cite its      source. Then, briefly analyze how the best practice could help you      navigate this particular relationship and conflict.
    1. In       the notes section, describe the best practice in more detail and       elaborate as needed on your analysis of how the best practice could help       you navigate the relationship and conflict.
    2. Citation       requirements: You must cite best practices from at least three scholarly       research articles. You may cite reputable sources form websites, books,       textbooks, and suggested resources as well, but these will not count       toward the three required scholarly research references.
    3. Copy       this slide as needed to address each cultural identity in this case.
  4. Conclusion      slide: Summarize the main lessons learned in this case study in a brief      bulleted list.
  5. References      slides: See step 4 for citation requirements. Use current APA style and      formatting guidelines.

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