Network design principles and processes communication and analysis

This is a paper that focuses on the network design principles and processes communication and analysis. The paper also analyses the business and technical requirements that are relating to the topic.

Network design principles and processes communication and analysis

Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:
1.    Firstly, identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes of Network Design.
2.    Secondly, critically analyse and evaluate business and technical Requirements.
3.    Thirdly, plan and design a Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN/MAN).
4.    Fourthly, design and evaluate a management and implementation Strategy for a Network.
5.    Collect and also synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor solutions, with the module assignment providing a good opportunity to test this area.
6.    Then, evaluate a range of information comparing alternative methods and techniques used in Network Design.
Be able to troubleshoot and maintain integrated, complex networks.

Network design principles and processes communication and analysis

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:
1.    Firstly, demonstrate a broad understanding of the knowledge base of this module, and its terminology and discourse
2.    Secondly, evaluate network devices to be used for a particular area in the network in relation to requirement
3.    Thirdly, design and implement a fully functional network infrastructure based on requirement given in the assignment brief
Demonstrate autonomous learning context and draw on prior experiences reflecting and evaluating on new leaning outcome.
This is an individual assignment based on the case study scenario presented below. This assignment will assess your understanding of the principles of network design and the ability to analyse, design and create a network infrastructure fully configured and tested which reflects understanding of network design and troubleshooting.

Network Security is paramount especially when considering the digital network climate nowadays. You are a new computer network engineer hired to study and evaluate the existing network of, a small company consists of 3 departments (HR, Finance, General users) each of the department uses a file server that is dedicated for the allocated department. The company uses three other servers DNS, web ( and email ( servers by which all department have access to. The web and email server should be accessible via the internet (external access). The floor diagram shown in Figure 1, illustrates the existing network provided by a third-party company.

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