Open( topic included in directions)

Essay 3

125 points, 700-word minimum(950-word maximum)

Directions: Respond to the following essay topic:

  • Examine a turning point experience in your life that caused you to reassess your thoughts and emotions about an individual OR belief. The experience MUST be named in the essay’s thesis. The essay should not rely solely on narrative. You will need to utilize other strategies including cause and effect and comparison and contrast. Make sure that you describe any people, places, and objects involved with the change.

Please remember the following:

  • Create a thesis that defines the significance of the experience.
  • Support thesis with multiple expanded examples.
  • Develop a minimum of four controlling body paragraph ideas, with each addressing an aspect of the term.
  • Do NOT use second person (you/yours).
  • If outside sources are used, they must be documented within the essay–parenthetical documentation–and on the Works Cited page adhering to MLA rules.
  • Draft, draft, and draft. Remember no essay can be completed in a single draft. Complete multiple drafts keeping in mind each of the essay parts–thesis, development and support, organization, and mechanics. Once you have completed a polished draft of the essay, consider submitting it to our course’s embedded tutor and/or a Smarthinking tutor to receive feedback. Students who CONSISTENTLY seek assistance from tutorial services, score higher marks than those students who do not. 
  • Meet the word minimum of 700 words. Your essay may exceed it by an additional 250 words.
  • Be proud of what you write–wisely schedule your time to aid the writing process.


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