opioid crisis in America

General Requirements:*6-8 page essay in MLA format (1800-2400 words).*multiple paragraph organization (see below), with a standard introduction and conclusion.*Thesis statement that specifically states your topic and opinion (claim) and may include your reasons.*Body paragraphs that advance the claim (opinion) that you have made, offering reasons and support based upon research.*Organization as follows: Introduction, Brief Background and Definition of the Topic, Argument (including point of concession), Possible Solution(s), Conclusion* Research: 4-8 reliable sources, especially from the library catalog and databases, with the requirement that 1 (one) source must be from a scholarly source (journal or scholarly book).*Point of Concession of a single-sentences up to a full body paragraph, offering an admission to a good point made by the other side of the argument; this point of concession may be followed by a rebuttal/refutation/counterargument to argue against the point of concession.*MLA in-text citation for all sources used, including quotes, summaries, paraphrases, facts, and statistics.*MLA end-text citation in the form of a Works Cited page (which does not count toward the page or word count), listing all of the sources used in-text.*Each step of the research paper will be collected, commented on, and receive credit for completion. The research paper is worth 250 pointsPrompt:What do you think is the most important issue facing America? Why is it important? What needs to be done to help resolve or improve the issue?1) Define and explain your topic, 2) make an argument about why this is an important issue, and 3) then offer solution(s) for it (see the section on the essay organization for the page proportions for each section).

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