Outline/Annotated Bibliography–Topic: Domestic Terror Attacks In the United States vs. Hate Crimes

***This assignment is to write the annatated Outline/Annotated Bibliography only.. the essay/paper will be written at a different time***
**See attached (MUST USE!!) biblography/sources that have already been chosen**
The goal of the final paper: Your paper must make a point. Do not merely report facts. Take what is, analyze it, interpret it in light of a personal Christian worldview, discuss options, and discuss things you think should change. Support your ideas, give alternatives to current practice and support them, and integrate material from textbook readings or lectures

Outline/Annotated Bibliography The outline and annotated bibliography represent the part of the research process that you will use to complete your Research Paper.


The outline of your research paper will include these key parts: Thesis/abstract; Introduction including a thesis/abstract, Body, and Conclusion.



1. Introduction

a. Topic Statement

b. Thesis that ties in to your Topic Statement

c. Preview of your main points

2. Body Section 1

This Section should identify what we know about the topic and what we do not know about it and have CITATIONS

3. Body Section 2

The subsequent Body Sections should frame your argument for what needs to be done about your topic and have CITATIONS

This should be informed by your analysis of what we do and do not know in Section 1.

For each Body Section there should be a title instead of the words ‘Body Section 1’ that describes the Section.

Under each title use the a. b. c. etc. format to give more detail on what supporting information you will use in that Section of your paper.

4. Body Section 3

5. Body Section etc…

Use as many Body Sections as you need.

6. Conclusion NEED THIS

a. Summarize your main points

b. Restate you thesis using different words than in the Introduction.

c. Your recommendations for the future of your topic

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