PESTLE analysis for a company on Environmental Management System

This is a paper that focuses on the PESTLE analysis for a company on Environmental Management System. The paper also provides questions to focus on while writing the paper.

PESTLE analysis for a company on Environmental Management System

Report Title:
A PESTLE analysis for [company of your choice] and report on why they should implement an Environmental Management System/Environmental Reporting System.

Students should select a real company, if you are uncertain about your choice of company please discuss and agree the company with your Module Lecturer.
For the purpose of this assignment, if the company already has an EMS pretend they do not have one.
The assignment should have a total combined word length of 4,000 (+/- 5%). It counts for 100% of your grade for this module. The word count excludes the cover sheet and the bibliography. Please state the word count on your cover sheet.
The report should be uploaded onto Moodle and saved with your student number as the file name.
The report will be marked using the standard MSc marking criteria (available on the course page on Moodle in the ‘Assignments’ section).

PESTLE analysis for a company on Environmental Management System

In preparing your report you should focus on:
Firstly, independent and analytical thinking–you should demonstrate understanding of relevant course material while also engaging with it on a more critical basis. In particular, the essay should reflect on the following:
Secondly, what benefits will the organisation receive if they implement a formal externally audited Environmental Management System?
Thirdly, consider what external (PESTLE) factors are most likely to have an impact now and in the future of the company’s operations? Can you identify risks and opportunities that will be best managed with the implementation of an EMS?

Fourthly, how will the organisation integrate its legal and other requirements in the implementation of the EMS?
What social political and economic trends affect the company chosen and/or their sector? How will these be incorporated into the EMS?
What barriers might the organisation face in implementation?
What do you think is the most important element of an EMS and why?
How can successful environmental performance be measured?
Do the changes introduced through ISO14001:2015 help organisations to achieve further improvements and if so how?

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