PH 3504: Optics– Anatomy of the eye-Functions of the eye

This paper focuses on PH 3504: Optics– Anatomy of the eye– Functions of the eye. – Development of the eye – Eye conditions
– ways to diagnose the optical properties and deficiencies of the eye – Eye defects – Mypobia – Presbyopia – Hypermetropia

PH 3504: Optics– Anatomy of the eye-Functions of the eye


PH 3504: Optics

15 page paper end term paper

Lasik Vision Correction

Topics of Discussion:

Firstly,  Anatomy of the eye.

Secondly, Functions of the eye.

Thirdly, Development of the eye.

Fourthly, Eye conditions.

Further, ways to diagnose the optical properties and deficiencies of the eye.

Also, Eye defects.

Additionally, Mypobia.

Moreover, Presbyopia.

Besides, Hypermetropia.

Also, Astigmatism (do regular eye glasses correct it how? And how does laser

Furthermore, image formation by the eye.

Additionally, The retina.

Also, peripheral images lack detail and color.

Further, Biophysics of Vision.

Additionally, Wavelength sensitivity.

Moreover, Photoreceptors.

– Stereopsis: 3D vision.

– Analyze the accommodation of the eye for distant and near vision.

– Meaning of near sighted and far sighted (Add equations and diagrams).

– Explain how people lose their ability to focus as they get older and how they go
about correcting this.

– Optical System of the eye.

– Refractive indices.

– Refractive error.

– Refraction Equation (Determining path of light inside eye for a distant source of

– Add lens equations.

– How eyeglasses help fix near and far sighted.

– Light Diffraction of the eye.

– Optical Irregularities of the eye.

– Laser vision correction.

– Diffraction.

– Cutting of tissue.

– Very precise.

– Bifocals.

– Accommodation phenomime.

– Focus cornea.

– Lense deformable.

– Muscle that can be stressed.

– Progressive lenses.

One main topic:

Lasik surgery:
Firstly, Lenses focal points, Lense equation.

Secondly, How well you can see.

Thirdly, If things in focus.

Fourthly, Everything on you retina not.

Additionally, Diffraction of light— explain how it works.

Furthermore, Laser surgery.

Moreover,  Accommodation of eye.

– Instruments how normal eye works.

– How normal eye focus not focus.

– How corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

– Does it fix the accommodation problem?

Risks of it.


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