This essay is a film that deals with the issues of American society in the movie Pleasantville.
The link below is the concept of this essay and all the information.
*The introduction should include hooks, subject, and Thesis Statement. The subject should include a basic film summary, theme.
*Everybody paragraph must cite at least one scene based on a scene from a movie.
*Two pieces of evidence should be cited in each text paragraph. One is a quote from a movie and the other is an external quote.
#1. Write according to the basic five-paragraph conditions.
Five paragraphs are Introduction, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3, In conclusion.
Should be writing work cited page.
#2. Put the reputation in the argumentative and use it in one body.
Counterargument Steps:
1. Topic Sentence
2. Actual or Anticipated Counterargument
3. Refutation
A. Disagreement
B. Agreement that disagrees with consequences
C. An attack on the foundations of the arguments
#3. Include evidence and relevance in each body
#4. The personal analysis shall be included
#5. At least one source can be used in the movie and the rest can be used outside, specifically in the New York Times Digital, British Academy Edition, America: History & Life with Full Text, History Reference Center.
one citation from the attached material (Nostalgia, Rebellion, and the American 1950’s and 60’s” Lecture Transcript.)
#6. In conclusion, the paragraph should include Restatement of Argument and Food for Thought

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