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The Negotiator’s Dilemma

Sometimes when parties negotiate, they are fixed in their position. In this positional approach, parties treat conflict as a contest of wills; an integrative approach is a more cooperative, open dialogue between parties. A negotiator’s dilemma is the choice one must make to produce a successful negotiation. Research the negotiator’s dilemma further and discuss the following:

  • Share a scenario or a personal experience and present a negotiator’s dilemma to the situation.
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to reach a resolution.
  • Share the approach you might adopt and explain your reasoning.

In your replies:

  • Share past experiences that may relate to your peers’ responses.
  • If you found any of your peers’ tips or ideas useful, share them and explain why you might use them yourself in the future.
  • Provide any input that may be useful in peers’ initial post.

Cite and reference sources according to APA Style.

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