Politcal Typology

There are many political ideology tests available online.  I chose Pew Research because of its solid reputation as a non-partisan political think tank (lots of political terms in that sentence!).  Your assignment is to take this quiz and to write a solid (lots of sentences with political terminology) paragraph(s) detailing your results and if you were surprised by the results, and why or why not.

Here is the link:  Pew Research Political Typology Quiz (Links to an external site.)

There are 17 questions.  You may be on the fence with either of the two options, but choose the one which is best for you. I realize that there are lots of beliefs that we have which fall in between the two options provided.  Just do your best.

This is a 40-point assignment.  In your response (which you will upload) you will identify your results–10 points.  You will explain what your results mean (according to Pew Research)–10 points.  And, you will express in clear and crisp sentences the reasonwhy you agree or disagree with these findings–20 points.

As always, please ask questions if you have any.

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