Political and judicial challenges facing the US Supreme Court

This is a paper that focuses on the political and judicial challenges facing the US Supreme Court. The paper also provides some key guidelines to use in the assignment.

Political and judicial challenges facing the US Supreme Court

American Politics
This response paper is NOT a summary of the film, but rather develops an argument about the political and judicial challenges facing the U.S. Supreme Court. As you develop your analysis and argument, you will want to identify some evidence (taken from Supreme Revenge or elsewhere) that the appointment/conformation process has changed over time in regards to its norms, procedures and politics. You will also need to research
the causes and implications of these alarming trends. Finally, you should consider including a discussion of potential scenarios for future Supreme Court Justice confirmations/appointments processes and also what affects that may have on the Supreme Court.

Political and judicial challenges facing the U.S. Supreme Court

In developing your argument, you will want to rely heavily on the analysis developed by Frontline’s film Supreme Revenge. However, you should also gather additional information through independent research, looking at newspapers, academic journals, periodicals, public opinion polls, and other academic and popular texts to support your research. Please note that although you are welcome to use online sources in your research. You must be very careful in evaluating the credibility and reliability of this information. Wikipedia (as with other encyclopedias) should be viewed as a starting point for your research. However, it is an insufficient as a primary resource for your research.
The paper should be around 4-5 pages (double spaced) in length, with proper citations (APA format.) Writing style and clarity of presentation are important. The paper must be thematic in development, and must incorporate some of the ideas developed in Frontline’s Supreme Revenge.

Lastly, the paper must include an introductory section, introducing the theme of the paper, a body, developing the evidence, and a concluding statement. Drawing the linkages between the theme of the paper and the evidence developed. You should have an easily identifiable thesis sentence in the first paragraph of your paper. I strongly encourage you to develop an outline of the entire paper before writing.

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