Pop Culture relating to cold comfort farm

Your final essay in this course will build an argument about a gender-related topic by comparing a contemporary text (film, book, television show, or other aspect of popular culture) with one or more of the texts we’ve discussed in the course. Your comparison can focus on an issue that is addressed similarly or something that you think is treated differently by the two texts. This assignment is more open-ended to allow you to explore your own interests in relation to course content. Research is permitted, but not required. If you choose to do research, you must ethically cite that research both in-text and in a works-cited page. If you are not using research, you will still need to use in-text citations for all textual references and providing a works cited page with MLA formatted citations for the texts you are analyzing.

Your essay should be a thesis-driven comparative analysis of 2 texts. You will develop a 5-7 page essay analyzing those texts with textual evidence and analysis in support of your larger thesis.

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