project pitch

Part 1: Project Pitch (Group/Individual if not working in Group)

Also called the “elevator speech” this is an opportunity for students to “pitch” or sell the class on their idea for the final project and what they hope to accomplish in completing the project. The art of the pitch is condensing a project in to its most basic parts and also describing it in a way that hooks an audience’s attention. In filmmaking this is referred to as a “logline,” the theme/plot/character of a feature length film presented in under a minute. The idea of the “elevator speech” is having only the length of an elevator ride to describe your project to a prospective employer. In any construct, the pitch is both compelling and reflective of a deep, comprehensive knowledge of your project.


For this aspect of the project you may create a powerpoint or short video. Remember this should be between 2 and 3 minutes long.

My final project is on Topic Area- Behavioral health

Project Type- Researching and creating a program for the adolescents community that struggles finding placement, treatment, and permissions that are allowed.

****Let me know if you need research  already prepare this far(****

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