Published Synthesis

Prepare a presentation that summarizes your investigation and includes:

  • Summary of the problem, purpose of the synthesis and research question.
  • Background and significance of the synthesis.
  • Theoretical framework applied to the synthesis.
  • Methods for obtaining the literature (specify inclusion/exclusion criteria; search terms; databases searched).
  • Flow diagram of search indicating included and excluded studies.
  • The results- characteristics of the included studies and the findings.
  • Discussion of the results, strengths and weaknesses of the research, and discussion of the implications for practice and research.

Your presentation should be 10-15 minute plus 5 minutes for questions.  Use any media that supports your presentation (you do not have to use power point). Must be readable. Do  not read directly from the media that supports your presentation. If two students worked together, both students must present.

Submit an electronic copy of the presentation via Canvas upload under “Presentation Assignment” by 7AM on the day of the presentation.

Please be sure to follow the criteria listed in the Grading Rubric for Presentation Summer 2021
 Follow instructions provided under Module 9.

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