RED 3342 Teaching Philosophy

  • According to Vanderbilt University, “A teaching (philosophy) statement is a purposeful and reflective essay about the author’s teaching beliefs and practices. It is an individual narrative that includes not only one’s beliefs about the teaching and learning process but also concrete examples of the ways in which he or she enacts these beliefs in the classroom.”
  • Basically, a teaching philosophy expresses your beliefs and values about teaching and why you want to be a teacher.  It is a personal statement of how you see yourself as a teacher.  It should have an introduction, at least one body paragraph and a conclusion.  I should also be brief, written in the first person, avoid technical jargon, and discuss strategies and methods.
  • Remember that this course was about literacy in the content areas.  How can you incorporate literacy activities into your content and why is it important.  Make sure to make reference to all or some of our course readings.
During this course we used the book ” the fundamental 5″ chapters 3 framing the lesson, sheltered instruction, ch 5 frequent, small   group, purposeful talk about the learning and “subjects matter” ch 2 how smart readers think, ch 5 reading strategies accross the   curriculum
It does not even have to be a page long as long as all this is address and it refeers to the reading is great.

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