Reflection of Mini-Lessons and Professional Dispositions

For this assignment write a  500-750 word reflection.

Reflect on the mini-lessons attach for this assignment. Consider their content, their level of engagement, and their appropriateness for meeting the needs of the students outlined in the “Class Profile.” Within this context, answer the following:

  • What have you learned from this course, about the health, safety, and nutrition for young students with and without exceptionalities?
  • What did you find challenging in developing the lessons?
  • What did you learn that you can use in your future lesson planning? What is your comfort level in lesson planning? What did you find as a strength when developing the lessons?
  • What area of lesson planning do you feel you need to continue to work on to make sure all students can be successful? How do you plan to accomplish this goal?

Review the College of Education’s Professional Dispositions and the One Foundation Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work, and reflect on the following:

  • Dispositions you feel you strongly possess and why.
  • Dispositions you feel you can improve and how you plan to do so.

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