• incorporate at least 7 references
  • All presentations must include a works cited page or bibliography
  • Part One: Biographical Information of the director.  Keep this brief.  Where did he/she/they go to college? What/Who influenced the director?  Provide a list of their work.
  • Part Two: What are some reoccurring themes presents in the director’s work.  How has he/she addressed them? Why did you pick this director?  Which of his/her films have influenced you the most?
  • Part Three: What contributions has this director made to the film industry? How has their work influenced and shaped American culture? What are some criticisms (not reviews) of their work?
  • Part Four: How does their ethnicity, gender, or sexuality influence their films?
  • Presentations should be creative while critically evaluating the director
  • Grading Criteria of the presentations: Content, analysis, addressing all four parts, creativity, and in-depth analysis of the parts.

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