Research Paper: The Effects of Economic Stress on Domestic Violence


Purpose: To make a persuasive claim about a significant issue and support your claim using evidence from sources

Genre: A research-based argument

Conventions: At least 2,000 word research paper with MLA citation conventions for in-text citations and a works cite page (with at least 6 sources)

In this paper, you will make an argumentative claim on a significant topic; this claim should be developed and supported by summarizing, analyzing, and synthesizing perspectives from sources. You will demonstrate your skill in articulating complex ideas, examining claims and evidence found in your research materials, supporting your ideas with relevant reasons and examples, sustaining a coherent discussion, and employing rhetorical strategies to convince your readers to agree with your stand on the issue or at least to believe in the soundness and reasonableness of your position.

Our prompt

The Effects of Economic Stress on Domestic Violence


Various areas of economic stress, such as low income and low socioeconomic class would elevate the risk for domestic violence, and in return, domestic violence would as well cause economic stress.

Structure (Please follow strictly)

Background (Please mention figures and statistics about domestic violence in the United States)

3 Body paragraphs



I have also uploaded some sources that we can use for this paper.

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