Research Proposal on Digital Surveillance vs Personal Privacy

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Discuss what research method you would use
to collect data to conduct research on your topic : Digital Surveillance
versus Personal Privacy. Research question : In 2021, how does digital
surveillance affect personal privacy?


Indicate and explain the method you will
use to collect your data. For example, if you pick a survey, justify why this
is the best method for your research.


Discuss the sampling technique you would
use to obtain your data.


Talk about your research plan- how will
you obtain your sample. For example. how
many people will be in your sample, and why is this a “good” number?


Discuss your plan in depth. For example,
if you are using stratified random
sampling, you need to explain what this means, why it’s the best choice, etc.…


Use academic resources to explain your
sampling choice. You need to detail the barriers or limitations to your
research plan).


Propose two policy implications.


Conclusion paragraph

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