Research this artist based on the criteria listed

Your job is to select an artist from the list above
Research this artist based on the criteria listed. Part of this research is factual, the data you gather. You should do some research on the era as well. Just as important is the research you do by examining and reflecting on the artist’s work. Go back to the museum links on the homepage or surf for newer ones that may have been expanded recently. Artcyclopedia has limited use, just like any encyclopedia does.
Select 10 works that represent a theme or period. You might select works to compare and contrast. Or, the progress of the artist’s work through time, reflecting maturity, the descent into madness, change in politics.
Download the images.
Outline and organize material. The commentary is most crucial. This is you sharing your words and ideas and defending your image choices and your understanding of the course concepts. I want to hear your “voice”; as if you were telling me a story about your artist and their artworks.
Write an introduction, about 100 words, describing what the exhibit is about. It should include the artist, his or her significance, time period, and, if appropriate, the movement. Explain what the exhibit is about.
Then present the images along with about 75 words per image providing a personal commentary on why they were chosen and their significance (This word count does not include the required title, date, and media. And, you already know that I like to hear what you have to say, so more is better.). This means that you must relate to a theme, the use of design, the specific use of the media, or otherwise part of the narrative as it relates to this course. Look at the example(s) for ideas on how this can be addressed.
Finally write a brief closing, summarizing what you learned and what you hope that the viewer has learned.
Proof your work. This should be a given with any submissions but it is important that you reread your work and correct grammatical, spelling, and other mechanical errors.
Do not forget to include your sources. You must list where you did your research on the last slide. Use MLA to cite sources.
I would like to see you imagine it a bit like telling a story- set the stage, present the action, wrap it up.

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