Response Paper(s) Extra Credit Due

You can earn 50 extra credit points by submitting two high quality response papers or 25 points per response paper. Rely on the below framework and Discussion Rubric in preparing your response to one or two of the below articles.

Due by on Friday, July 30.

Framework for Writing Response Paper(s) – Must Include All

  1. Write an objective summary of the news article. Highlight key points. Use quoted text when helpful. [2 to 3 paragraphs]
  2. Write a reaction to the article. Evaluate the relevance of key points. Explain how they relate to concepts discussed in class or course materials. Discuss how the article increased your understanding of  criminal law concepts. Be thoughtful about what we have read and discussed as part of this class. [2 to 3 paragraphs]
  3. Explain how the article relates to your own ideas or feeling. [2 to 3  paragraphs]

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