Role of the radiology service manager at Karemore Hospital

This is an assignment that focuses on the role of the radiology service manager at Karemore Hospital. The paper also requires reading and analysis of the scenario.

Role of the radiology service manager at Karemore Hospital

You are to read and analyse the following scenario and answer the questions at the end. While your answers should be based around the scenario provided, any details given are obviously limited in scope. You are to review the supporting materials provided on study space and research any additional information to support your arguments. You should therefore read widely, in order to underpin your answers with supporting evidence from current practice, articles, research on contemporary issues, and theoretical models and concepts, which have been covered during the integrated module. Marks allocation will be for such evidence, and also references are expect as in other work using the Harvard method.

Role of the radiology service manager at Karemore Hospital

The question relates to the issues raised in the scenario. You should ensure that you approach the analysis and conclusions in your response from the perspective given; being innovative and considering some of the wider issues that might surround the facts. In constructing your responses, you should also be aware of the intended audience within the questions. Also, direct the level of your answers accordingly.

Written Report in response to the recent news articles and letters regarding Mr Suet-Feline.
You are to respond to and address the inequalities in healthcare provision.
•Harvard Style of Referencing

You  are  in  the  role  of  the  Radiology  Services  Manager at Karemore Hospital. The Chief Executive has asked you to provide a report in response to the Hearsay Express article of 9thJanuary 2020and Jeremy suet-Feline’s letter to  the  chief  executive regarding his  complaints about inequitable treatment.  You are to ALSO respond to and address the inequalities in healthcare provision within the scenario, explaining and justifying the factors that  influence  the decision  making  process  in  prioritising patients e.g. patients ’non-compliance to recommended lifestyle changes, risk assessment of the patient; their clinical indications, severity of symptoms, age, medical stability of patient and any other factors that might influence the prioritisation process.

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