Sex and Gender are not the same thing

1. The biological differences between men and women.

2. How many individuals, as a proportion of the world’s population, are genetically intersexed. (Be careful on this one, the first information that pops up on “Google” is a widely quoted – but absolutely wrong – estimation of the true/recognized subset of “genetically intersexed” persons.) 

3. Male stereotypes and female stereotypes and why those stereotypes exist.

4. “Man” and “woman” as social constructs, and how that differs from stereotyping (make sure to define both)

5. The problem (if any) with children determining their own gender.

6. What are anorexia and bulimia and how (if at all) might they relate to gender dysphoria.

7. Sex-specific divisions in sports.

8. Modern day political positions on conflating gender with sex.

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