Slots, Tables, and All That Jazz: Managing Customer Profitability at the MGM Grand Hotel

  • Submitted as a Word document
  • Must follow APA format (including headers, citations, etc.)

o   While all citations come from within the case, the reference only needs page number. You are required to put in case study page

numbers to reference facts, citations, etc. from the case.

  • 4-6 pages max, double spaced, 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman font.

All information you are to make decisions on must be in the case study. While you are able to bring knowledge such as different tactics and calculations you are not to bring in other “real world” solutions. For instance if you are given a real world company and asked which direction they should take, the direction should be based off information only given in the case and not what the company did in the real world.

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