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Initial Post:   Due Thursday, 11:59 p.m.  (See Discussion Board Assignment Guidelines for grading rubric — found under Course Documents)
In a 1978 article in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Christian Buys published a tongue-in-cheek article entitled “Humans would do better without groups”, which suggested a variety of reasons why groups lead to maladaptive behavior.  This article set of a firestorm of articles affirming or rejecting Buy’s thesis.
Anderson (1978). Groups would do better without humans
Kravitz, et al. (1978). Humans Would Do Better without Other Humans
Mack & Greene (1978). Would Groups Do Better without Social Psychologists?
Generally speaking, are groups good or bad?  As is the case for many aspects of social psychology, the answer can be yes and no.  Give two (2) specific examples of cases in which a group exerted negative influence on individuals.  Do the same for two (2) examples of a group leading to a positive effect.
For one (1) of the positive outcomes, tell me WHY you believe the group exerted positive influence, i.e., did you learn about a concept in this course that might explain the effect.  Do the same for one (1) of the negative outcomes.
Scoring:  Two points for each valid description of a group specifically leading to good or bad behavior – 8 points
One point for each of the two reasons WHY the outcomes occurred – 2 points

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