Spanish paper

I will need to write a 20-25 page paper with 12-20 sources on the following prompt:

It is undeniable that grammar instruction plays a role in the L2 classroom. However, what is the role of grammar instruction in the heritage or mixed HL/L2 classroom? Considering the differences between the two student populations, discuss the current literature about the role of grammar in heritage instruction in the United States, including discussions between ‘standard Spanish’ and vernacular varieties, and present arguments in favor or against it at different levels of proficiency. How do heritage learners differ from L2 learners when it comes to grammar from a processing and learning perspective? Explain the literature on implicit/explicit knowledge from an HL/L2 comparative lens. Lastly, critically review the current research on grammatical instruction of Spanish heritage learners. What has been studied and what have been the major findings? Elaborate a conclusion with recommendations and insights for future research.

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