Sydney Metro revolutionizing public transport assignment

This is a paper that focuses on the Sydney Metro revolutionizing public transport assignment. The paper also provides guidelines on how to write the assignment in detail.

Sydney Metro revolutionizing public transport assignment

Sydney Metro is revolutionizing public transport in Australia and concrete is making it happen, as shown in Figure 1. The $8.3 billion project is a revolutionary computer operating driverless train public transport system connecting the North West of Sydney. The work will commence on the manufacture of precast concrete segments which will line the inside of the new metro tunnels.
Concrete is selected as the construction material after careful consideration of the visual impact of the structure on its service environment. Competing materials can provide the graceful curves, appealing form and durable robustness are for this Sydney Metro tunnel structure.

As a Materials Engineer for the project, you are to produce a report that incorporates the concrete mix design, curing, strength, durability and also material specifications. The following requirements have to be met:
The characteristic compressive strength of the concrete in the precast concrete segment is 50 MPa
The mix design should have a minimum slump of 120 mm
The precast products will be steam cured

a) Firstly, design two mixes, one with fly ash/cement as a binder and the other one with slag/cement as the binder.
b) Secondly, give the proportions of all ingredients per m3 of the concrete
c) Thirdly, provide the curing method and achievement of required slump
d) Fourthly, the tunnel is located in a coastal area containing sewages with chemical materials.
For this new tunnel, to improve the durability and resisances to deteriorations indentified in Figure 5, what are the main considerations in your mix design for the precast concrete segment?
e) Lastly, prepare a material specification for the above project considering workability, strength and durability requirements under the coastal areas (one page).

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