Synthesis Essay

I need to write a 4-5 paragraph synthesis essay for one of my English Studies 12 assignment (Last year of highschool). The format is as you’re well-aware is introduction, 2-3 responding body paragraph and conclusion. My teacher has specifically instructed us not to write like a compare and contrast essay where you devide the paragraphs and explain the literatures seperately. Here are some more points my teacher has empahsized:
-Use a cause and effect theme statement as your thesis
-Support the thesis with both texts equally
-Do not do a compare and contrast essay
-4 paragraphs (2 are supporting)  – or- 5 paragraphs (3 are supporting
-Title needed (Be creative if you can)
I have attached a file of an assignment named Eng Studies 12 that my teacher handed to us and that is all the instruction provided. There are two options and you may choose an option that you may prefer, I do not mind. I will also attach a synthesis that I handed in that received a full mark and a rubric that I received when I completed the synthesis. However, please be in mind that the rubric is for the previous synthesis essay but I believe she will mark basically on the same criteria since it’s the same type of essay.

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