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You will pick one issue related to the criminalization of immigration that we touched upon in this class, or an associated issue that you wish to research. You cannot just present the whole course as a topic but must address one aspect of it or a closely related theme. In other words, your paper cannot be merely on the “Criminalization of immigration” or “immigration policy” but should explore a topic that is far more specific and focused. I am hesitant to give examples, as my experience is that many students will then wish to select these. Please, come up with your own topics that you care about!. However, three examples that demonstrate the requisite degree of specificity and would be appropriate might be:

1) The impact of the criminalization of immigration on Filipino Americans

2) The criminalization of immigration in Minnesota

3) Emergency room care: How the criminalization of immigration creates unintended consequences

Again, these are only examples.

Write a paragraph describing the key and important ideas that you used in yours paper. ) Critically reflect upon your paper.  What did you do well? What might not have worked as well? What skills do you wish to further develop, and how might these skills improve your chances of meeting important life goals? What are your main take-aways from having engaged in this assignment?

A reference list, not counting in your paper length, in APA format, should be included (not counting in word length)

(Double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman)

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