The adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease

This is a paper that focuses on the adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease. The paper also discusses the individual differences relating to the topic.

The adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease

Title: A report on adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease (affecting adults) for dialysis nurses

The aim of this report is to address how individual differences have an impact on medication adherence in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Individual differences:
Sociodemographic features and beliefs about medicines on adherence to medication treatment (Theofilou, 2013)
Age, e.g. older hemodialysis patients as well as older transplant patients are more adherent to medication treatment (Avram et al., 1990;
sex and also gender differences (Kimmel et al., 1995)
ethnic differences (Jindal et al., 2003)

AND SO ON! I assume there are many more individual differences that may determine the adherence to medication/treatment in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

1.       Firstly, the task is to produce a REPORT addressing the impact of CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (kidney failure; CKD) and THE ROLE OF INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES on this condition. This has to be presented as a 2,000 WORD REPORT directed at healthcare professionals (in this case DIALYSIS NURSES). At the end of the report reference list has to included and the report has to based on academic literature. It is like an academic writing for dialysis nurses.

2.       Secondly, to accompany this a LEAFLET has to be designed and created which will be aimed at a particular client group that has been identified in the report. (in this case PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE and need dialysis). The contents of the leaflet have to be based on the evidence presented in the stakeholders report but should be suitable for the lay reader.

Lastly, it also needs to include some statistics, graphs, numbers too, which is easily comprehendible by the lay people/lay public who have this disease.
The Leaflet should be engaging and easily readable, avoiding special/technical/difficult terms and words.

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