The AR2103 Archaeology and Irish Identity topic unit

This is a paper that focuses on the AR2103 Archaeology and Irish Identity topic unit. The paper also requires using of thoughts and evidences of other scholars.

AR2103 Archaeology and Irish Identity topic unit

AR2103 Archaeology and Irish Identity
Write a 3000-word essay directly on ONE of the following topics. Do not deviate from the set options. Don’t forget to include the chosen topic/question on your title page!

Use the essay-writing and referencing guidelines provided to aid you in this (Harvard system – no footnotes or end-notes). See ‘Essay-writing’ folder on Blackboard.
Feel free to include illustrations – but remember these must also be referenced!  Please proof-read and edit your paper before completion.
Please use both spell-check and grammar-check before submitting your paper via the
‘Assessment’ menu option on Blackboard, and in hard-copy via the gold-coloured letterbox outside the administrator’s office (Sandra Getty) in the department of
Archaeology corridor.
Please use the standard Dept. of Archaeology cover sheet on your hard copy. You can download this from the Archaeology website: 

Remember – an essay is your thoughts on a subject, discussing the evidence and what other scholars think. It must be written in your own words, with only occasional use of
quotes for support or example.
Ensure you concentrate on the archaeological evidence (i.e. the physical remains) – other forms of evidence may be relevant and included, but are supplementary to our archaeology module.
If you are uncertain about anything, ask BEFORE you complete your paper.

Ensure that your paper is at least 3000 words long excluding the cover page and also the reference page. Also, ensure that you attach all the references from the source you are going to use for this assignment. The paper writing guidelines to use for this assignment is APA format. Lastly, ensure that you cite all your references for easier accountability of your sources.

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