The Australian construction industry research problem

This is an assignment that focuses on the Australian construction industry research problem. The paper entails using scholarly database for searching articles.

The Australian construction industry research problem

–          Identify a research problem that is of current relevance to the Australian construction industry.
Before research can begin it is necessary to establish that there is something worthwhile to investigate.  In order to do so, you must gain an understanding of current knowledge that surrounds a topic.  This will allow you to see which areas of your topic are ‘complete’ and which areas still have a ‘problem’ that needs further research.  The aim of this first assignment is to set you on the path to find a problem that needs further research.
There are four parts to this assignment as followed: (My topic area is: Work life balance in Construction) Please ensure this is relevant to the Australian construction industry.

1. Search (using scholarly database) and skim read at least 20 journal articles that have been published since 2010 and are relevant to your topic (you may use google scholar).  Include details of these articles in a ‘ Journal S preadsheet’ (I have attached an excel spreadsheet for you to fill out) .  You must also complete a ‘ Research Analysis Summary ’ for 5 of these articles (I have also attached a template of this as well which you can fill out for 5 of these articles)
2. Select 2 articles and write a critical comparison of about 600 words (less than 2 pages).  The purpose of this short piece is to practice your academic writing.
3. Also, develop a Mind Map that shows the themes for current knowledge related to your research topic.  This Mind Map will be developed based on your reading – not based on ‘brainstorming’ or existing knowledge.

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