The BluesFest event journal article theory analysis

This is a paper that focuses on the BluesFest event journal article theory analysis. The paper also provides links to use in writing the assignment and also guidelines of the paper.

The BluesFest event journal article theory analysis

General idea of the paper
Firstly, the chosen event for this paper is Byron Bay BluesFest

Secondly, the chosen customer group is aged between 55-64. I chose active social and life seekers as persona groups. (the description of these persona groups attached). But you can use another persona group if you have a better idea. Please choose one speficif persona group and provide justification with the evidence.
The articled used for analysing customer group
This event is good for taking kids and attending with family.

Thirdly, recommended journal article for theory
Influence of Push and Pull Motivations on Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions within a Culinary Tourism Event
Sylvia Smith , Carol Costello & Robert A. Muenchen


Additionally, you need to undertake extensive research on the event and its existing customer groups. Select one group of customers that have the most value for the event and create a profile of a single individual who represents and is a perfect example of the whole group. Provide two (2) practical marketing recommendations to the event marketing manager to better target the persona and the customer group it represents.
1. Report – You report will focus on how you decided on and developed the customer persona. It will include the following sections:
• Introduction: Include background information about the event and who it is intended for, the objective(s) of the report, and what will be included in the report.
(NOT more than 3 paragraph)

First paragraph – background of the event, state it is classified as what types of event. , who the event is intended for Have to support with reference
E.g Event is classified as business or Mice event due to (reason)
Second paragraph – the purpose of the paper and outline of the report
• Methodology: Describe the research method you undertook to understand the event’s customers and develop the persona. Did you mainly use secondary sources of data (e.g. event website, industry reports, IBISWorld, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Helix data, etc.) or did you manage to collect data by undertaking interviews with past attendees?

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