The changing role of women in America discussion

This is a paper that focuses on the changing role of women in America discussion. The paper also requires inclusion of writers view of the topic.

The changing role of women in America discussion

For the second paper, you may select one of the topics below or you may create your own topic (run it by me first). This paper is six double-spaced pages that is based on material after the Revolutionary War. You may use the material from your textbook, but try to supplement it with at least one or two outside sources, cited in MLA format. (I can help you with that.) Remember that any time you include source material in your essay, you must credit the source in the body of the paper where you use the source material. Even if you put the source’s material into your own words, you still must credit the source. Then, include a works cited page at the end of the paper.

1.      Discuss the changing role of women in America. Writers like Murray, Fuller, and Fanny Fern (not on the syllabus but in the book) were creating essays, which called into question the way women were raised, educated, and treated. Using one or more of these texts, discuss what their essays suggest about the role of women in the Nineteenth Century. What was the expectation of them as women? What was their education like? Also, what was their role in the larger society? What do these authors protest or want to change? How many of these changes have taken place?

You may supplement your knowledge with information from outside sources. Such as history texts, scholarly articles, and additional texts by women to add depth to your discussion. Use these questions to help you brainstorm what you want the paper to focus on. Don’t try to write the paper as a series of responses to all these questions.

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