The community mental health nurse Care Programme Approach

This is a paper that is focusing on the community mental health nurse Care Programme Approach. The paper also contains various questions in the attachment to further answer the assignment.

The community mental health nurse Care Programme Approach

Question 1
Following a Care Programme Approach meeting, a community mental health nurse (CMHN) trained in smoking cessation visited Jane and her mum at home to discuss Jane’s health needs.  Jane agreed to attend her GP surgery to have her diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease reviewed, and to discuss her weight and smoking. The CMHN was aware that Jane was taking an antipsychotic treatment (Olanzapine) for a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Which has weight gaining properties, but acknowledged to Jane that she didn’t know much else about the impact Olanzapine might have on Jane’s physical health.  Jane wanted to stop smoking too. However, was worried that doing so might make her put weight on (she heard this from one of her friends).

At the GP appointment, Jane was told that her body mass index and blood pressure were above the recommended guidelines and he informed her that both problems are likely to be caused by her diet and her smoking.  The GP has suggested that Jane would benefit from joining the local Stop Smoking Group.

Following her appointment with the GP, tells the CMHN that she wants to prioritise losing weight over stopping smoking. Jane also tells the CMHN that she does not want to attend the local National Health Service Stop Smoking Group. She is too embarrass about her weight and is afraid to go.  It’s Jane’s 60th birthday in 5 months’ time and she says that she would like to lose 2 stone and stop smoking by then; she’d also like to know more about the factors that have an impact on her physical health.  She says she is in preparation to do some exercise to lose weight but does not know where to begin.  Jane’s mum has said she would like to help Jane reach her goals too. The CMHN has agreed to visit Jane weekly to monitor her overall physical and mental health. Also, help her lose weight and stop smoking.

Question 1
(a)         Using the template provided formulate a care plan to manage two of Jane’s current challenges. (10 marks)
PLEASE NOTE: the wordage used in your care plan do not count towards the word allowance for answering this question.

Using the breadth of learning from this module:

Discuss and analyse the potential impact of the two care plans for Jane’s health and wellbeing you have written, with reference to holistic and evidenced based care.

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