The comparison in the evolutionary approach of animals

This is a paper that focuses on the comparison in the evolutionary approach of animals. The paper also identifies the library to use in gathering information for the paper.

The comparison in the evolutionary approach of animals

Biology 3 – Term Paper Directions and Guidance
Each of you will write a term paper for me as a part of the requirements for successful completion of this course. This will be a time-intensive task, best not to put this off until the last three weeks of term. The paper will cover each of the concepts listed below in the Term Paper Outline in an evolutionary and comparative context. That is, for each concept below you will compare the similarities and differences in the evolutionary approach that animals and plants have taken to address the concept.

You are encouraged to use additional resources in your research for this term paper (such as EBSCO Host or Google Scholar) but the assignment can be completed with your text alone. REFERENCES FROM ONLINE SOURCES ARE NOT ALLOWED and references from primary and secondary sources are encouraged.

The comparison in the evolutionary approach of animals

The CWI Library and staff can assist you in finding additional sources. The term paper must be a minimum of 2,000 words excluding the Cover Page and Literature Cited sections; this is about four or five pages using 11 point font and 1.5 line spacing. Style (i.e. APA, MLA, etc.) for purposes of this paper (but see below). However, I am concerned with consistency; whatever you do in terms of headings and references, be consistent. Please consult Angelika Hofmann’s text Writing in the Biological Sciences (2016) for guidance and tips on writing scholarly works. My critique of your writing, if applicable, will reflect her guidance.

References must be in the body of narrative when making statements not your own or if you quote another’s work. All references must be complete and list in Literature Citation section and must be in reference consistently. Term papers will be due at the end of Week 14, Week 12 for editorial comments. Submit your paper to Safe-Assign through the link I’ve provided under Assignments. Open the Term Paper Submission Area for information on acceptable file extensions. Any essay returned with greater than 35% plagiarized material will receive no points.

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