The conflict views of the nuclear family comparison

This is an assignment that focuses on the conflict views of the nuclear family comparison. The paper will also focus on the similarities and differences in consensus and conflict.

The conflict views of the nuclear family comparison

Compare and contrast Consensus and Conflict views of the nuclear family. Introduction (this can be done last) This essay will focus on the similarities and differences between Consensus and Conflict sociological views of the nuclear family. For a Consensus view, key Functionalist authors such as Parsons’ will feature. Marxist (and/or Feminist) views will be referred to as example(s) of Conflict theories. The essay will also include alternative viewpoints from Post-Modern authors. (Note that this is just an example. Use your own wording as far as possible).

Main Body Refer to the fact that Consensus and Conflict views are both Macro/Structuralist approaches. Cite other similarities such as they all see the nuclear family as an important structure in society which give us roles and rules of behaviour. The main difference is in whose interest they see this structure in. Functionalists like Murdock, Parsons and Fletcher see the NF as being in the interests of the individuals in the family and wider society (Everyone). Marxists and Feminists, on the other hand, see the NF as in the interests of Powerful groups. Elaborate on this.

Briefly outline a Functionalist view from one of those mentioned above and include the main criticisms before going on to do the same with a Marxist and/or a Feminist view of the NF. Refer to the Post-Modern view which seems to provide an explanation for family diversity today. This also illustrates how the debate has moved on. Conclusion This is a summing up of points made. Refer to the introduction and/or the title again. Note that you must use appropriate essay format throughout. Ensure that you reference all sources both in the main body of your essay and in a Bibliography. Proof read your work very carefully.

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